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Redbird Arena (RBA)

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Redbird Arena (RBA)

Redbird Arena

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Redbird Arena seats 10,500 people and is home to Illinois State Basketball, both men's and women's. Illinois State's women's volleyball team also plays here. Redbird Arena hosts many entertainment events such as concerts, outdoor shows, and antique and craft shows.


Redbird Arena opened in 1989. It contains 24 teflon-coated, fiberglass fabric panels for the roof. It is the second largest university arena in the state. It has a portable wooden floor placed over a concrete deck with lower seating which can be folded back, with special lighting arrangements for stage productions.

The glow from the Teflon-coated roof on game night has inspired references to Redbird Arena as the "Crown Jewel" of athletics facilities.

Since 1989, Redbird Arena has served as the home of Illinois State University basketball and volleyball and, as its championship banners and retired jerseys overhead suggest, the epicenter of Illinois State's status as "The Home of Champions."

Players love it. Even before the breath-taking atmosphere of game day, Redbird Arena sets the standard for comfort, convenience and class in college basketball.

The facility includes comfortable locker rooms plus full-service training and strength facilities just a few steps away.

Fans love it. With close-to-the-court seating for 10,200, Redbird Arena's inviting ambience gets fans into the games and keeps them on the edges of their seats. From tickets to concessions--and every service in-between--dedicated people put fans first and contribute to Redbird Arena's classy reputation as clean, safe and convenient.

Sports officials and promoters love it. Whether it's hosting conference tournaments, NCAA events or high school championships, Redbird Arena has proven equal to the highest standards ... or capable of setting new ones.

In volleyball, Redbird Arena is virtually unsurpassed as a home venue. The Redbird 'net force' of fans has made Illinois State one of just 10 volleyball programs to draw more than 250,000 fans in the last decade.

Redbird Arena's uniquely-designed roof is a key to its bright appearance, inside and out. The 65,000-square-foot, low-rise cable dome features reinforced exterior fabric. It rises 31 feet above a steel-reinforced concrete tension ring which encircles the top of the 12-sided roof peaking at 100 feet above the floor.

The players, the fans, the events ... they all combine to create Redbird Arena's "Crown Jewel" status which the Champaign News Gazette called "The best college basketball arena in Illinois."


From I-55, take exit 165, U.S. 51-South Main St., south to College Ave. From I-39, exit at I-55 east, and the first exit is 165. From I-74, follow I-55 North to exit 165. From the airport, turn left on Empire (Rt. 9) for approximately two miles, right on Veteran's Parkway for approximately four miles, left on College Ave., for approximately six miles. Redbird Arena is at the corner of College Ave., and Main St., two miles south of exit 165.

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