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DeGarmo Hall (DEG)


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DeGarmo Hall (DEG)

Degarmo Hall

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In addition to hosting Illinois State University's College of Education and its departments, DeGarmo Hall also serves as home to the Department of Psychology.


DeGarmo Hall was named after Charles DeGarmo (1849-1934), a Principal of the Grammar Department of the Model School from 1876-1883. DeGarmo Hall opened in 1972. It was originally the Education Building. DeGarmo graduated from Illinois State Normal University (ISNU) in 1873 and began his career as a prolific writer by co-authoring a language book.

After seven years at ISNU, DeGarmo left for Germany for three years of advanced study. He then came back to ISNU as a Professor of Modern Languages and Reading. In 1881, DeGarmo published The Illinois School Journal. There are carillon bells at the top of DeGarmo Hall that chime on the hour from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM


DeGarmo Hall is located in between Cook Hall and Fell Hall on S. University St., on the west end of the quad.

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